This isn't just a simple PDF. I'm giving away a library of resources to help you become more confident and competent using Zoom to present, host, and produce inclusive, engaging, and transformational virtual events.

You'll receive checklists, step-by-step guides, and videos, plus an invitation to attend a monthly #NoMoreBadZoom Virtual Happy Hour to be able to ask questions and experience a fun Zoom event filled with fellow entrepreneurs.

All based on content from my bestselling, award-winning book:

Gold Award winner! Nonfiction Authors Association
"Break Out of Boredom" has a 5 stars on Amazon with 241 ratings and a 4.9 stars on Goodreads with 33 ratings

“I highly recommend Robbie and saw firsthand how he can make the difference between a good and great convening. We look forward to partnering with Robbie for our future events.”
MELANIE NOWACKI, Feeding America

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#1 Best Seller in eighteen (18!) paid categories, including six Canadian, five United Kingdom, and seven United States.

When Covid-19 brought all in-person events to a screeching halt, events became synonymous with virtual events. By now, you likely have Zoom basics down. The problem is that basic skills are not enough to stand out as a top-notch virtual presenter.

You don't need a high-tech recording studio with a green screen, hair light (that's a real thing), and fancy software to level up your Zoom game. Focus on improving your technique rather than your technology. Break Out of Boredom: Low-Tech Solutions for Highly Engaging Zoom Events will help you design transformative, inclusive, and engaging online experiences. 

Your message may not be getting across if you’re not providing a thoughtful participant experience design that allows everyone to engage. All too often, traditional event design—particularly in a virtual setting—benefits the loudest, most confident, and most experienced participants.

Robbie Samuels shares how to use the latest features and online facilitation techniques to structure your events, so everyone feels welcomed instead of merely invited. Using purpose-first design creates sessions that move participants from inspiration to action.

 While focusing on Zoom, this book’s purpose-first design and virtual facilitation concepts apply to any virtual meeting platform. It was written to support meeting professionals, virtual presenters, and virtual facilitators committed to hosting virtual meetings and conferences—and overcoming Zoom fatigue and death-by-PowerPoint.

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* incorporate purpose-first design to create sessions with specific outcomes in mind.

* enhance virtual presentations by utilizing improved online facilitation techniques.

* create opportunities for ALL voices to be heard, not just the most privileged or experienced.

* design breakout rooms that foster intentional engagement.

* apply these online facilitation and event design concepts to any virtual platform.

Break Out of Boredom is chock full of strategies, checklists, and step-by-step guides. The book’s bonus content provides access to these resources as a download for easy reference.

If virtual programming is part of your business model, you cannot afford to use skills and settings stuck in 2020.

Break away from the pack with this indispensable guide to creating engaging and productive virtual events.

What are clients, speakers, and participants saying about Robbie?

"Robbie has been providing Zoom production, speaker guidance, and session design for Feeding America's virtual multi-day conferences since 2020. He does an outstanding job communicating with our team and coordinating with dozens of session speakers. His expertise, attention to detail, great follow-through, and guidance give us confidence going into each virtual event. We receive great attendee feedback. Robbie is a key contributor to our success."—MELANIE NOWACKI, Feeding America

"Robbie kept our team strategically focused on key milestones so we understood and could plan for all the contingencies and actions necessary for a successful virtual conference. Robbie was very easy to work with. He communicates clearly, and with excellent “touch.” We always trusted that he would deliver everything necessary for a successful conference."—ROSS TARTELL, Ph.D., Association of Talent Development (ATD) Southern Connecticut Chapter 

"We could not have pulled off our virtual events had we not had Robbie on our team! He helped us with more than the day itself. He conducted a speaker's training to help them pivot their in-person style to fit the virtual presentation, which takes minor changes but yields great engagement results. He also took our schedule and built a "run of show" so we knew what would happen every minute and who was up next. We also utilized Robbie's emcee skills as he helped us navigate the day and stay on time. He added great DJ skills, too.” —LAURA BIEWER, Notary Symposium


“Your event—your audience, business, and brand—deserves the "wow factor" that Robbie can deliver. He is the business partner you never knew you needed . . . until now. I could not recommend Robbie more highly for your Zoom event—big or small.

Robbie is a brilliant event design strategist, and a calm, confident Zoom technician. He is creative and sharp, quick-thinking, and always focused on results. Engage with Robbie before outlining an event, because I can assure you that whatever you have in mind is not quite as impactful as what Robbie can help you create.

I enthusiastically hired Robbie because our event guests deserved the kind of seamless experience that only happens if the ‘stars on stage’ aren't fumbling around trying to pull the strings as event producers and directors.” —KATE COLBERT, marketer; speaker; researcher; communications expert; and author of the bestselling books Commencement: The Beginning of a New Era in Higher Education and Think Like a Marketer: How a Shift in Mindset Can Change Everything for Your Business


"I used all Robbie’s tips and tricks at our board meeting the day after he led a Zoom training, and they were a big hit. We used one of his prompts in the breakout rooms and kept the energy up with music and ASL applause. Everybody loved it! If you have a high-stakes meeting that needs excellent facilitation and engagement, reach out to Robbie for expert assistance." —MARGI POWER, Leadership Council, San Mateo County


"I enrolled in The 5% Advantage Program—because I thought I should know something about Zoom in these tough times. When the program was over, I was amazed to find new doors opening. Because of Robbie’s training, I’ve learned useful skills to take my business in a new, exciting direction. The day I received my Certified Virtual Event Professional #NoMoreBadZoom digital badge, I got two bookings for my new program. After 35 years in the speaking and broadcasting business, being able to jumpstart a brand-new business at the age of 86 is a gift beyond price. If you have the opportunity to take this program, do it." —DOROTHY WILHELM, author; speaker; broadcaster; and newspaper columnist

“As a small non-profit organization, Robbie has truly transformed our virtual meeting experience for everyone. His professionalism and expertise not only alleviated a burden on staff, but his unique ability to care for and support speakers and attendees resulted in better, more interactive sessions. Since Fall 2020, he has become a trusted member of our team and community!” —LENA WORKMAN, California WIC Association


“Thank you for hosting the National Speakers Association (NSA) Mic Swap.  You run the most efficient and effective of all the networking Zoom meetings I join each month. Your question prompts are great for getting people to connect in the breakout rooms in a real way.  You provide a great space of inclusivity, and you do a phenomenal job of shining the light on certain people that makes them feel special while also helping us learn from them.  It's a masterclass on how to run effective Zoom networking events.” —JEFF HARRY, Positive Psychology Play Speaker; Top 100 HR Influencer


"I highly recommend Robbie for his services as a Zoom consultant and facilitator. He supported my team for a virtual Feeding America conference over the past couple of years. I really appreciate how present and enthusiastic Robbie is in all of our interactions, as well as his wealth of knowledge on how to make virtual meetings inclusive and engaging." —MEGAN WHITNEY, Feeding America


“Robbie has been the one to help us take our Zoom game to the next level. We were doing it, and it was fine, but it was more mechanical and transactional. Since he came into our mix in early 2022, he’s added the relational part. That warmth is coming through. We can only do that through the skill of an excellent producer. I want to honor him for being that. He’s the best!” —MELANNIE DENISE CUNNINGHAM, Creator and Executive Producer, The People's Gathering: A Revolution of Consciousness Conference; Greater Tacoma Peace Prize recipient


"Robbie is a brilliant Zoom trainer. I joined his free #NoMoreBadZoom Virtual Happy Hour in 2020 and enjoyed the tips, tricks, and strategies he shared. When I saw that he was offering The 5% Advantage Program to make us 5% better every time we Zoom, I thought, “I don’t need that. I’m already a seasoned speaker, and I teach other people how to lead events.” But there was something about the program promise that called to me. 

I’m so glad I answered that call. Robbie’s program filled in the blanks I didn’t even know were there. The program has tremendous depth, and while I already had two virtual presenter certifications, the one I got from Robbie’s course was the most intensive and helpful to my success in leading virtual programs. Continuously learning is essential, as tech is ever-evolving. I highly recommend him and his program." —MARILYN SUTTLE, keynote speaker; author, Who's Your Gladys? How to Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer Into Your Biggest Fan