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Tricia Brouk

The Big Talk Press is a boutique publishing house specializing in memoir, self help and business books meant to support your success as a speaker and thought leader.

So many of the speakers we support in The Big Talk community desire to write companion books to their talks. And I decided to create the opportunity for them and you.

Founding The Big Talk Press is the organic next step for us to support you in publishing your books. And because community is one of our values here at The Big Talk, creating a place for all authors to have the support they need to get their voices heard is our mission.

We want to support you in leaving a lasting legacy. And having your book published by The Big Talk Press also means you have a built in community of support.

Tricia Brouk, Founder of The Big Talk Academy and The Big Talk Press is a two time published author and award winning director who has worked in film, television and theater for over three decades. She has put thousands of speakers onto big stages and knows the power of story. She also understands that speaking and being an author go hand and hand. Being a thought leader that stands out means mastering the skill of speaking while also having a book to support your brand and speaker platform for global impact.

The Big Talk Press is dedicated to elevating and amplify the voices of our authors. Your voice matters and so does your book.

A gift for you...

Power Up Your Presence Visualization

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A gift for you...

The 7 Step Guide To Transformational Speaking
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Tricia is a white woman with long auburn hair and a bright smile.

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Resources to help entrepreneurs become successful authors...

Writing Services

  • group sessions, with writing prompts
  • coaching, one-on-one (more than a single session)
  • group writing sessions, with "hot seat" coaching
  • asynchronous content (e.g., online course)
  • The Big Talk Academy helps people write their signature talk

Book Design Services

  • feedback about the title
  • cover copy writing
  • cover copy editing
  • cover design
  • print book design and composition
  • ebook formatting

Book Launch Services

  • strategies to get 50+ Amazon reviews

Book Marketing Services

  • podcast guest placement
  • promote the book to our list
  • speaker one-pager (one-sheet)
  • speaker/presentation coach

Publishing Services

  • keyword strategy
  • category selection strategy
  • setting up Amazon Author Central page
  • pricing strategy
  • publish on Ingramspark
  • extended ebook distribution (Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, etc.)
  • book description writing
  • book description editing
  • author bio writing
  • author bio editing
  • copyright registration
  • Library of Congress registration
  • setting up ISBN
  • traditional publisher (publishers and guidance to get published)
  • hybrid publishing (provide imprint name)
  • metadata input
  • worldwide wholesale distribution set up

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