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Tina Dietz

Tina owns Twin Flames Studios, a nonfiction audiobook producer and publisher specializing in working with experts and leaders. In this nonfiction world, the majority of Twin Flames Studios' clients are building a media platform for themselves, so their book is part of a larger marketing strategy. They’re using their books to promote their business, their bigger message, speaking engagements, coaching, and other aspects of their business.

Twin Flames Studios is the premier audiobook publisher in the world for author-narrated nonfiction audiobooks, and they can produce anything authors need, including professional narration, hybrid narration, music insertions, interviews, and more custom options.

When submitted for audiobook awards, their audiobooks regularly win. Twin Flames Studios' team of directors and editors are highly experienced audio professionals who ensure you publish an audiobook that is a delight for the ears and a brilliant reflection of your message and brand. Authors get to keep all their rights, and Twin Flames Studios never takes royalties. Plus, their team will create the assets for you as well – like social media posts, videograms, and book companion podcasts that keep your message top of mind!

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The Insiders' Essential Guide to Audiobooks
The Insiders' Essential Guide to Audiobooks gives authors the best practices and pitfalls to avoid for producing audiobooks, plus a production checklist, case studies, and FAQ.

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Tina Dietz is a white woman with long brown hair and a big smile


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