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Robbie Samuels

Book Launch Strategy Coach

Robbie coaches entrepreneurs to launch (or relaunch) their business books. The goal is to build a 150-person launch team that results in 50+ Amazon reviews. This process wakes up and engages your network, creating a pipeline for new revenue.

What's Better than Best Seller?

A byproduct of this process is that you will likely reach #1 Best Seller status. However, the focus is on leveraging your book to have conversations with likely prospects. Conversations with prospects will lead to new revenue, a measure of success you can take to the bank. 

Why Focus on Amazon Reviews?

Evidence of hitting #1 Best Seller status doesn't stay on your book's sales page. The goal is 50+ Amazon reviews because they are social proof. Reviews help convert new readers and show prospective clients that you are a well-respected authority on your topic. Many authors have fewer than 20 reviews, and this hurts their brand.

Award-Winning Author with 650+ Amazon Reviews

Robbie has published three books that share his expertise. They have received over 650 Amazon reviews and reached #1 Best Seller in 30 U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia categories.

Business Growth Strategy Coach

He is available to coach entrepreneurs through the development of the offer that follows their book. This includes identifying likely prospects and referral partners within your existing network, setting up discovery calls, designing a pilot offer, and selling the pilot.

Event Design Consultant and Executive Zoom Producer

Robbie has a passion for creating engaging and unforgettable events. With two decades of experience in the meetings and events industry, he has honed his skills in designing and executing events that leave a lasting impression. He helps his event clients overcome common virtual meeting mistakes to increase engagement and sales.

Design and Emcee Virtual Book Launch Parties

He works with his authors to design a fun and engaging virtual book launch party highlighting the author and launching the related offer. The event could include inviting former clients to speak, an author interview, a prize wheel, and much more. He emcees and provides all the technical support so you can be the guest of honor.

Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

He has been featured in NPR, Forbes, Fast Company, HBR, Lifehacker, Inc., and other high-profile publications as a networking expert and expert in virtual event design. 

He is a Certified Book Marketing Professional and a member of the Nonfiction Authors Association. He is also a professional member of the National Speakers Association and hosts the NSA Mic Swap, a monthly virtual networking event.

From March 13, 2020, to May 3, 2024, he has hosted the #NoMoreBadZoom Virtual Happy Hour over 125 times. Since July 2020, he's hosted the Thought Leaders Networking Social.

His membership group, the Content AND Connection Club, provides programming and support for striving and thriving six-figure entrepreneurs - including a weekly mastermind, weekly co-working, and monthly business book club.

A 7-day Guest Pass is available at

Robbie is the openly transgender owner of Robbie Samuels LLC, a certified LGBT business enterprise.

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Certified Book Marketing Professional - Non Fiction Authors Association


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Business Book Launch Coaching

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  • coaching to discover likely prospects and referral partners from within the author's existing network

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