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Randy Peyser

Randy helps first-time authors get book deals with literary agents and New York publishers. In Oct./Nov. 2023 alone, she sold three business books, a mind-body-spirit book, an autism caregivers guide, and a transgender novel. Soon after, she sold a memoir.

She has over 25 years of connections and professional relationships with literary agents and publishers that most people cannot access. As a result of the book deals she's secured for her clients, their books have been Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestsellers. Some have been featured in TIME Magazine, Oprah Magazine, Cosmo Magazine, airport bookstores, optioned for Hollywood films, and sold in big box stores. Some have received six-figure deals in bidding wars.

We analyze and edit manuscripts. We ghostwrite manuscripts and book proposals. We pitch agents and publishers depending on the project and where it is best positioned. We absolutely LOVE getting people book deals because we are helping you to make the impact you are here to make!

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Randy Peyser is a white woman with long lightly graying brown hair and a big smile

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Writing Services

  • ghost writing
  • strategy session, complimentary 15-30 minute
  • strategy session, one or two-hour
  • coaching, one-on-one (more than a single session)

Editing Services

  • developmental editing
  • manuscript editing
  • copy editing
  • proofreading

Book Proposal Services

  • manuscript evaluation
  • query letter writing
  • query letter editing
  • book proposal evaluations
  • book proposal writing
  • book proposal editing
  • pitch manuscripts to literary agents and publishers

Publishing Services

  • traditional publishing (publishers and guidance to get published) **experience with the Big Five Publishers**

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