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Owen Sammarone

Since 2019, Owen has helped over 400 nonfiction business and self-help authors leverage their books into more income and impact. His ideal author client is someone who sees the book as a tool for more income and impact and wants to serve their reader beyond having them read the book only, as well as authors who want to scale a coaching or consulting business along with their digital footprint to boost their thought leadership.

Owen has built a significant audience on all major social platforms and knows how to grow any personal or faceless brand. Owen is the founder of Unleash The Knowledge, which has their own audience of 180k nonfiction readers. He has worked closely with major bestsellers along with self-published authors, so he has a vast array of experience with different types of authors under the nonfiction umbrella. Owen is able to create fast results for authors who want to scale their knowledge and impact through a high-ticket program.

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Owen Sammarone is a white man with short brown hair, a beard, and a big smile


Resources to help entrepreneurs become successful authors...

Book Launch Services

  • strategies to build a 100+ person launch team with a focus on building a pipeline
  • strategies to get 50+ Amazon reviews
  • strategies to relaunch a book
  • design virtual book launch party
  • emcee virtual book launch party
  • design in-person book launch party
  • moderate chat during virtual programs
  • relaunch campaign strategies with a focus on building a pipeline

Book Marketing Services

  • author platform-building strategies
  • email list-building strategies
  • marketing plan resources & consultation
  • LinkedIn for authors strategy
  • add book to Goodreads
  • social media - writing posts
  • social media - publishing posts
  • Amazon ads, teach strategy
  • Amazon ads, manage
  • book awards, guidance
  • podcast guest placement
  • podcast launch services
  • book promo websites (e.g., BuckBooks, BookBub)
  • promote the book to our list
  • speaking leads & booking support
  • speaker one-pager (one-sheet)

Business Book Launch Coaching

  • coaching to identify the ideal reader/prospect
  • coaching to leverage the book to sell a separate product/service
  • coaching to discover likely prospects and referral partners from within the author's existing network

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