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Michele Molitor

Michele works with entrepreneurs who are interested in writing a business book about their work or methodology that inspires others, enhances well-being or creates positivity in the world. Perhaps they have even started writing their book but have gotten stuck with writers block. The other tools or coaching they have tried to get unstuck hasn't worked and they're ready to find a different solution.

She has coached thousands of people worldwide, helping them get unstuck with her unique Rapid Rewiring™ methodology, which combines coaching, neuroscience, somatic therapy, and mindfulness-based practices. Rewire your mind, think new thoughts, and your writing will follow.

Michele is the co-author of 4 books, an international speaker, writer, coach, and hypnotherapist who helps successful business professionals release the fear, anxiety, and self-doubt often caused by imposter syndrome that is blocking their success. Her specialty is helping women entrepreneurs release past challenges and trauma from their nervous system to become UnShakeable in their confidence so their work and writing can shine more brightly in the world.

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"What's Causing Your Imposter Syndrome? 6 Triggers Crushing Your Confidence"
This ebook will help you eliminate the fear, anxiety, and stress brought on by feeling like a fraud.

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Michele Molitor is a white woman with long red hair and a big smile

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Resources to help entrepreneurs become successful authors...

Writing Services

  • strategy session, complimentary 15-30 minute
  • coaching, one-on-one (more than a single session)
  • hypnotherapy to help you move past writer's block and imposter syndrome

Book Cover Services

  • feedback about the title
  • cover copy editing
  • cover design review and editing (I spent 10 years as a FT graphic designer and creative director)

Book Marketing Services

  • speaker one-pager (one-sheet)

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