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Linda Popky

Linda and her team work with nonfiction authors who want to create attractive published books that will help differentiate them. Areas of focus are business, current events, self-help, social issues, and memoirs.

She also coaches aspiring authors who either don't like to write or don't have the time or desire to write a book themselves. She helps them get their ideas into an organized framework, after which they may choose to write the book themselves or hire her to ghostwrite it for them. After a manuscript is edited, her team can produce printed books, eBooks, and audio books—or the author may choose other means to get their book to market.

Linda is an award-winning marketing consultant who has written marketing and PR materials for clients. She has also authored her own books and written, edited, and produced published books for other authors. As a marketing expert and business owner, Linda brings the target audience's perspective to the manuscripts she reads. When Linda reviews your work, she will put herself in the position of being your target reader. Comments and suggestions are based on how she believes your readers will approach your work.

Linda believes people DO judge a book by its cover and how it is formatted, designed, and produced. That's why she's assembled a team of professionals with extensive book industry experience. The books produced by her team look as good—if not better—than those produced by today's commercial publishers. Still, they're produced more quickly, at a reasonable price, and with the author maintaining creative control throughout the process.

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Resources to help entrepreneurs become successful authors...

Writing Services

  • ghost writing
  • strategy session, complimentary 15-30 minute
  • strategy session, one or two-hour
  • group coaching, weekly
  • coaching, one-on-one (more than a single session)
  • repurposing content to create a book

Editing Services

  • developmental editing
  • manuscript editing
  • copy editing
  • proofreading

Book Proposal Services

  • manuscript evaluation
  • query letter editing
  • book proposal evaluations
  • book proposal writing
  • book proposal editing

Book Cover Services

  • feedback about the title
  • cover copy writing
  • cover copy editing
  • cover design

Book Design Services

  • print book design and composition
  • ebook formatting

Publishing Services

  • keyword strategy
  • book description writing
  • book description editing
  • author bio writing
  • author bio editing
  • setting up Amazon Author Central page
  • Library of Congress registration
  • setting up ISBN
  • strategies for selecting imprint (publisher name)
  • publish on Ingramspark
  • self-publishing project management/assisted self-publishing

Book Launch Services

  • strategies to get 50+ Amazon reviews
  • strategies to relaunch a book
  • design in-person book launch party

Book Marketing Services

  • author platform-building strategies
  • social media - writing posts
  • social media - publishing posts
  • book awards, guidance
  • PR services
  • LinkedIn for authors strategy
  • website design

Business Book Launch Coaching

  • coaching to identify the ideal reader/prospect
  • coaching to leverage the book to sell a separate product/service

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