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Judi Harrington

Judi works alongside entrepreneurs to develop book ideas that support their businesses. She edited the Amazon #1 Bestseller "Mastering Your Sleep Puzzle: Your 12-Week Guide to Sleeping Better" by sleep coach Kali Patrick, and is currently working with business owners in the areas of college counseling, PR, and estate planning law to bring their book ideas to life.

Judi, also known as Judi 411, is an award-nominated copywriter who specializes in developing content in real estate, finance, insurance, and law. As a self-published author, she understands what audiences crave and helps her authors deliver the goods concisely and engagingly.

Judi is also the self-published author of "Fuckery: The Life and Times of A Legend (In Her Own Mind)," a humorous memoir-in-essays celebrating her family's credo of putting the "fun" in "dysfunctional." She is a highly sought-after speaker and podcast guest, often called on for her writing expertise and business savvy.

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