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Jeanne Schreiber

Intuitive, Versatile & Surprising

As a graphic designer and creative director for 30+ years, Jeanne Schreiber understands the importance of collaboration and communication in the creative process.

Whether through color choices, typography, illustrations, photos, or layout, acquiring an overview of the author’s subject matter and goals enables her to make informed design decisions that resonate with the intended audience.

The needs, challenges, and priorities of her authors come first. Throughout the design process, she translates the language of design into accessible, visual ideas that:

  • Encourage and stimulate discussion and collaboration.
  • Broaden and clarify the author's ideas and vision.
  • Excite authors about possibilities they never considered.

Jeanne cares most about helping authors deliver understandable, appealing, and effective books that meet marketplace needs and expectations.

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Book Design Services

  • cover design
  • print book design and composition
  • book one-pager (flyer) design
  • photo research
  • art editing
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Book Marketing Services

  • website design

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