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We serve anyone whose books improves one's life, business or the planet, with special expertise in personal growth, self help, spirituality/intuitive skills, health & wellness, women's empowerment, life skills, relationships and conscious business.

We offer a done-for-you or done-with-you podcast/radio tour that introduces authors to 9000 shows at the same time. We offer a minimum 30 guaranteed invitations.

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Our ideal subscriber is an author or author/leader who desires to get in front of audiences to sell more books and/or other services.

SpeakerTunity® is the only service that provides authors and experts a complete array of leads for podcasts, summits, meetings, conferences & TEDx. Our basic membership begins at $47 and is the best starting place--you choose the kind of leads you want.

In addition, we offer complete directories of all the meetings in 75 regional directories to saturate your market. Or you can choose niche specialty directories with meetings in your niche all across North America. Our conference service has 4000+ conferences every month seeking speakers. And we also provide design services for speaker sheets, podcast sheets, book flyers, conference rollup banners, virtual backgrounds and branded slide decks, along with booking assistance for local meetings to paid conferences.

We have hundreds of thousands of leads curated for you, and thousands of raving fans and clients. Explore membership.

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The Guide to Becoming a Formidable and Sought-After Podcast Guest
Get the right pieces in place so that your content can shine! Being a FORMIDABLE and SOUGHT-AFTER podcast guest gives you the advantage that helps you get booked time and time again!

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44 Ways To Seduce Your Next Client from Stage, Podcast, Radio, Virtual Summits and Virtual Networking
Lead Magnets You May Never Have Imagined!


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Resources to help entrepreneurs become successful authors...

Book Marketing Services

  • podcast guest placement
  • speaking leads & booking support
  • speaker one-pager (one-sheet)
  • guidance around book awards

Book Design Services

  • ebook formatting
  • book one-pager (flyer) design

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