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George Stevens

George works with authors and publishers of business, self-help, memoirs, and other nonfiction books who need an experienced book design resource. He is well-suited for those who prefer hands-on, individualized support from a tenured specialist with a full-time focus on book design.

He has more than 16 years of experience as a book designer, both in an agency and as a solopreneur. Based on his specialized expertise, he approaches each project with a unique and client-specific approach.

Fusing a calm, encouraging presence with expert communication and award-winning design acumen, George has managed and executed book design projects for hundreds of authors around the globe.

G Sharp Design, LLC was founded by George Stevens in 2019 to make self-publishing look better. After spending 12 years building the design team at a leading publisher of business/non-fiction books, George has since collaborated with more than 150 independent authors, publishers, and publishing coaches all over the world, amassing more than 60 five-star reviews between Google and Reedsy.

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George Stevens is a white man with brown hair, a beard, and a big smile


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