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Elissa D. Hecker

Are you an author in need of a pre-publication review, review of a publishing agreement, negotiation of and/or coaching in negotiation of a publishing agreement?

Elissa guides her clients through strategic thought processes about how to negotiate from a position of strength and protect their intellectual property, among other issues. She believes in actual, rather than transactional, relationships.

  • what do you want?
  • what don't you want (often just as important)?
  • what is happening in your life that might impact your contract, deadlines, etc.?

She wants to make sure that the work done for each client is specific to that client's needs.

Elissa acts as Go-To General Counsel to creatives, small businesses, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs in their legal and business affairs across the U.S. She practices in the fields of business, entertainment, the arts, and Intellectual Property (copyright and trademarks). She is a repeat Super Lawyer, Top Lawyers, Top Women Lawyers, and listed among the Best Lawyers in America.

Elissa helps people make money and grow relationships.

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