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Debbie Jenkins

Debs Jenkins and her team work with authors who are experts in their fields, seeking to transform their unique insights and experiences into valuable assets. They thrive on collaborating with consultants, coaches, and business owners who aim to share their thought leadership through landmark books. These authors typically write on genres and topics that provide actionable advice, innovative solutions, and deep dives into industry-specific knowledge. They include, but are not limited to, business and entrepreneurship, personal development, health and wellness, and technology. The key is that these books should offer more than just information; they should drive transformation, offering clear directions (how-to) or providing a new perspective on familiar challenges (why-to).

Debs and her team are especially drawn to authors who are ready to challenge the status quo and introduce new models and frameworks that can help readers navigate the complexities of modern professional and personal life. They look for authors with a compelling story to tell, backed by practical experience and a proven track record of success in their expertise.

These authors are not just looking to publish a book but to create an asset that aligns with their broader business goals and serves as a cornerstone of their professional identity.

Debs and her team offer a unique blend of expertise, innovation, and a commitment to transforming ideas into valuable assets. Unlike many competitors who focus solely on the end product, they emphasize the strategic importance of books as tools for thought leadership, business growth, and personal branding. This holistic approach ensures that each book is not only published but also positioned to achieve its maximum potential impact. Their process is both collaborative and comprehensive, involving the author in every step while removing the pain and complexity of publishing.

They allow authors to retain control and royalties, a rare offering in the publishing industry. This approach empowers authors, ensuring they are not just clients but partners in the publishing journey. By taking the burden of process and production off the authors' shoulders, the company allows them to focus on what they do best: sharing their expertise and connecting with their audience.

Another standout feature is the community aspect. Authors are not isolated in their journey; they become part of open cohorts and the exclusive, where they receive peer support, access to a network of professionals, and continuous learning opportunities. This community fosters collaboration, innovation, and mutual growth, setting Debs Jenkins' company apart from traditional publishing models.

Lastly, cutting-edge technology and marketing strategies ensure that the books they publish are seen, read, and used as transformational tools.

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Resources to help entrepreneurs become successful authors...

Writing Services

  • strategy session, complimentary 15-30 minute
  • idea development/strategy session, one or two-hour (or longer)
  • group coaching, weekly
  • office hours
  • coaching, one-on-one (more than a single session)
  • group writing sessions, with "hot seat" coaching
  • accountability partners
  • author mastermind
  • writing retreat, virtual
  • writing retreat, in-person
  • asynchronous content (e.g., online course)

Editing Services

  • manuscript editing
  • developmental editing
  • copy editing
  • proofreading

Book Design Services

  • feedback about the title
  • cover copy editing
  • cover design
  • print book design and composition
  • ebook formatting

Publishing Services

  • category selection strategy
  • keyword strategy
  • setting up Amazon Author Central page
  • pricing strategy
  • publish on Ingramspark
  • extended ebook distribution (Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, etc.)
  • book description writing
  • book description editing
  • author bio writing
  • author bio editing
  • strategies for selecting imprint name
  • self-publishing project management/assisted self-publishing

Book Launch Services

  • strategies to build a 100+ person launch team with a focus on building a pipeline
  • strategies to get 50+ Amazon reviews

Book Marketing Services

  • author platform-building strategies
  • email list-building strategies
  • LinkedIn for authors strategy
  • add book to Goodreads
  • social media - publishing posts
  • book awards, guidance
  • book award submissions, done-for-you
  • PR services
  • marketing plan resources & consultation
  • re-purpose books to create other types of content (tip books, social posts, courses, workshops, etc.)

Business Book Launch Coaching

  • coaching to identify the ideal reader/prospect
  • coaching to leverage the book to sell a separate product/service
  • coaching to discover likely prospects and referral partners from within the author's existing network

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