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David H. Lawrence XVII

David's ideal client is an author who wants to narrate their own title and learn the skills to do so, like a boss. He knows writers may have worked for months, years, or even decades on their books and nurtured them like children. Bringing those titles to market takes an incredible amount of effort.

If authors want to be the voice of their book, they should get world-class, effective, and up-to-the-moment accurate training to prepare them. The result? An audiobook listed on Audible they can be proud of.

The Narrate Your Own Book program teaches authors the art, science, commerce, and mindset of audiobook narration and production, not just how to make clean edits and keep their voice and breathing on track. The program is not set up to find a narrator or produce the book for an author. It's designed to "teach them how to fish" and acquire the skills to bring their writing to audio life.

With nearly 50 years in the audiobook world, David H. Lawrence XVII is one of the industry's most well-known and trusted coaches. His VOHeroes Pro training program, from which the lessons and training for Narrate Your Own Book are drawn, has won dozens of industry awards. His team extends that experience, adding decades of person-years to the expertise authors can draw and rely upon.

The Narrate Your Own Book program includes on-demand training, live coaching in both a group and private setting, and all the gear that David uses to narrate audiobooks (over 250 and counting). Authors will be guided on setup, location of recording space, the performance skills they need to bring their particular genre of book to life, and given practice in the technical skills they'll need to meet Audible's standards. What they learn will apply to ACX and any other platforms on which they may wish to place their audiobook products.

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You wrote your own book.
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Narrate Your Own Book

Mention the Hub to receive a bonus 60 minute private coaching session on performance, tech setup or any other skills needed to narrate.


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