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Chris Fenning

Chris supports non-fiction authors with their business-focused books.

Writing books is hard work, and marketing them can feel even harder. As an author of multiple award-winning non-fiction books Chris Fenning understands how just hard it can be.

The good news is that with over 50,000 sales, 15 foreign translations, and 7 awards, Chris has learned how to make the process easier.

Based on this experience, he offers specific advice and services to published and aspiring authors. If you are writing a book or have written a book, Chris may be able to help you achieve your book and business goals.

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Award List for Non-Fiction Business Books
Get a list of 26 major book awards with entry deadlines, fees, and links.

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Resources to help entrepreneurs become successful authors...

Writing Services

  • one or two-hour strategy session
  • re-purposing content to create a book

Book Cover Services

  • feedback about the title

Publishing Services

  • keyword strategy
  • category selection strategy
  • pricing strategy
  • book description writing
  • setting up ISBN
  • strategies for selecting imprint (publisher name)

Book Marketing Services

  • social media - writing posts
  • social media - publishing posts
  • teach Amazon ads strategy
  • guidance around book awards
  • podcast guest placement
  • re-purpose books to create other types of content (social posts, courses, workshops, etc.)

Business Book Launch Coaching

  • coaching to leverage the book to sell a separate product/service

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