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Cheri Merz

Metaprosperity works with heart-centered entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, guiding them to craft engaging personal stories to enhance authority and credibility, raise visibility, and ultimately attract clients.

Metaprosperity's approach to business storytelling is rooted in Cheri Merz's (owner) experience in fiction writing. Having authored more than thirty novels, she studied not only the craft of writing, but the business of self-publishing and digital marketing, often finding herself disengaged by the dry, uninspiring content of instructional books.

This experience led her to a realization: incorporating a few fundamental fiction-writing techniques could transform these texts, making them more engaging. With this insight, she now assists business owners, guiding them to infuse their narratives with life. By applying simple storytelling techniques and structure, they elevate their messages, captivating their audience and inviting them to not just observe, but to immerse themselves fully in the narrative.

Beyond the writing, aspiring authors often cite reasons ranging from fear of technology to lack of time to learn the nuances of self-publishing, which is the surest and quickest way to publish. Metaprosperity offers done-for-you services in various packages tailored to the individual needs of the author.

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6 Essential Elements of Your Signature Story
Picture yourself with the power to transport your audience to new realms, elicit laughter, evoke tears, and ignite a deep desire to take action—with you as their guide—all through the captivating force of your storytelling. Your signature story holds the key to unlocking boundless opportunities, forging profound connections, and making an unforgettable impression on those who experience it.

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Resources to help entrepreneurs become successful authors...

Writing Services

  • strategy session, complimentary 15-30 minute
  • coaching, one-on-one (more than a single session)
  • VIP Day
  • accountability partners
  • writing "challenge" (e.g., Five-Day Challenge)
  • asynchronous content (e.g., online course)

Book Cover Services

  • feedback about the title
  • cover copy editing

Book Design Services

  • print book design and composition
  • ebook formatting

Publishing Services

  • keyword strategy
  • category selection strategy
  • pricing strategy
  • book description editing
  • author bio editing
  • setting up Amazon Author Central page
  • strategies for selecting imprint (publisher name)
  • hybrid publishing
  • self-publishing project management/assisted self-publishing

Book Launch Services

  • strategies to get 50+ Amazon reviews
  • strategies to relaunch a book
  • design virtual book launch party
  • emcee virtual book launch party
  • moderate chat during virtual programs

Book Marketing Services

  • author platform-building strategies
  • email list-building strategies
  • promote the book to our list
  • book promo websites (e.g., BuckBooks, BookBub)

Business Book Launch Coaching

  • coaching to identify the ideal reader/prospect
  • coaching to leverage the book to sell a separate product/service
  • coaching to discover likely prospects and referral partners from within the author's existing network
  • timeline strategy and periodic relaunch strategy

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